My Goal

Running all over the world spreading hope, inspiration and love!

This is my journey. . .
My dedication to the memory of my father. . .my commitment to the fight against pancreatic cancer. . .my passion for running and for making a difference in people’s lives.

Thank you for your support of this journey of hope, inspiration and love.  Your generous donations will help to change the course of history for pancreatic cancer – a disease that has for too long been overlooked, underfunded and unchanged – the disease that took my father’s life.

August 5, 1935 – November 24, 2010

Maurice Weiss, my father and my number one fan.  He lived life to the fullest with no regrets.  He did things his way and it doesn’t get much better than that!  Everything he did, he did it big (he was a big guy) and I will follow his lead.  Thank you for everything.  This 52 is for YOU, and we are going BIG.  Miss you Papa. 
Love you always.


All donations will go directly to fund the mission of the
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, a 501(c)(3) tax ID# 33-0841281.

 My Sponsors

My Sponsors
A. Vincenzi 11/1/2015 $50.00 In Honor of Julie's 97th Marathon - San Francisco
Anonymous 7/17/2015 $25.00
B. cerda 3/13/2015 $25.00 In memory of my uncle Enrique Vega
M. Thompson 3/21/2014 $262.00
D. Griffis 3/20/2014 $50.00
T. Christoni 3/10/2014 $10.00
T. Christoni 3/10/2014 $10.00
D. Adkins 2/23/2014 $131.00 To the cause...thank you Julie.
William E. Simon Foundation 2/10/2014 $5,000.00
Fineberg Foundation 1/22/2014 $25,000.00
Anonymous 12/31/2013 $100.00
Anonymous 12/29/2013 $52.00 From a follower of the Another Mother podcast, great interview! Keep up your efforts.
A. Mattox 12/6/2013 $25.00
D. Ishida 11/29/2013 $52.00 Keep up the good work!
H. Swanson 11/24/2013 $50.00 Julie, thinking of you today and know your dad is beaming from above at how you are honoring him. Hugs! Heidi
Qualcomm Charitable Foundation 11/18/2013 $50.00
A Running Experience Club 11/12/2013 $500.00
Whittier Pathology Medical Group, Inc. 11/12/2013 $100.00
D. Case 11/2/2013 $131.00 In honor of my awesome brother in law, Dr. James Garbern.
Remember When Studios 10/9/2013 $262.00
Anonymous 10/8/2013 $11,000.00
A. Pickering 9/18/2013 $131.00 Go Heidi!! Swanson140.6
Tim Marritt 9/18/2013 $140.60 Swanson 140.6 Have a great race you two.
K. Latiano 9/15/2013 $50.00 Swanson 140.6 Great Job!
K. Foth 9/13/2013 $50.00
J. Knowles 9/12/2013 $25.00 Swanson140.6
I. Cuevas 9/12/2013 $25.00 Swanson140.6
C. Zoc 9/9/2013 $200.01 Go Team Swanson! Heidi your Dad proudly smiles down at you. XO
S. Neshat 9/4/2013 $25.00 Swanson140.6
Pardee Properties 9/4/2013 $1,420.00
H. Swanson 8/27/2013 $63.00 In memory of my uncle Jeff's birth date. Swanson140.6
S. Lowell 8/24/2013 $50.00 Swanson140.6
J. Rogers 8/18/2013 $20.00
N. Von Neumann 8/16/2013 $50.00
N. Yavorsky 8/5/2013 $50.00 Congratulations on your awesome endeavor! Your Dad would be so proud.
J. Petties 8/2/2013 $50.00 Swanson140.6
A. Schrader 7/31/2013 $75.00 140.6
K. Johnston 7/28/2013 $100.00 Swanson 140.6. In support of Heidi .
D. Watson 7/25/2013 $131.00 Swanson140.6
R. Jahn 7/22/2013 $100.00 Swanson140.6
A. Keple 7/22/2013 $50.00 Swanson 140.6
H. Swanson 7/22/2013 $61.00 Happy birthday Dad! Wish you were here to celebrate your 61st with us. Swanson140.6
Johnson & Johnson 7/22/2013 $200.00
S. Bhatt 7/21/2013 $25.00 On behalf of Swanson 140.6. Go Marathon Goddess!
M. Brewer 7/20/2013 $50.00 Remembering always my uncles Doug and Jeff, and in support of Heidi's effort to spread awareness.
H. Schneider 7/20/2013 $140.60 Way to go team Swanson!!! In honor of our dad Doug & uncle Jeff! Xo
S. Hunter 7/19/2013 $100.00 Swanson140.6 in memory of Heidi Swanson's dad and her uncle
D. Ranck 7/17/2013 $52.00 For Mr. Weiss, Randy Pausch, and so many have been affected by this disease. Keep it going -- We Got This!!
R. Acosta 7/9/2013 $20.00
T. Cassidy 7/2/2013 $52.26 Thank you for making a difference & being of service, 1 step, 1 mile, 1 marathon, 1 life @ a time!
D. Taylor 6/22/2013 $262.00 Wonderful to meet you today Julie. Donation is in memory of my mom, who died of pancreatic cancer last year. Thank you for what you do!
E. Vega 6/16/2013 $26.20
T. Hood 6/13/2013 $52.00 Just saw Spirit of the Marathon II and was so inspired by you and the other runners! Congratulations on an absolutely amazing accomplishment. How the heck did you stay injury free?!!??
W. Neaz 6/13/2013 $26.20 Saw you on Spirit of Marathon II and wanted to congratulate you on your 52 marathons successfully completed!
K. Millet 6/13/2013 $100.00 Bless you earth angel.
K. Rufolo 6/13/2013 $10.00 Keep shining Julie! You are awesome!
T. Hermann 6/12/2013 $100.00 Just saw Spirit of the Marathon ... what you've accomplished is remarkable! I wish I had you as a running coach!
T. Sandridge 6/10/2013 $131.00 I lost my father to pancreatic cancer on 3/17/2012. Thank you for your efforts
Anonymous 6/10/2013 $1,000.00 Truly inspiriational. May the good Lord Jesus continue to bless you and and bless others through you. Well done.
S. Coffey 6/10/2013 $150.00 In Loving Memory and Honor of Our Uncle Hideo
M. Sana 6/6/2013 $52.00
GE Foundation 6/3/2013 $262.00
J. Chernila 5/20/2013 $100.00 In honor of my dad who is fighting pancreatic cancer right now. Couldn't make it to the Purple Stride event yesterday, so I wanted to make a donation.
Kaifu Corp 5/16/2013 $50.00 I read about Julie in the paper, and my story is somewhat similar. Mom had PC and was gone within 6 months. I started running and now swimming (ocean only) two years ago and discovered how to enjoy it through managing my breathing only....
B. Foley 5/15/2013 $20.00
J. Newcome 5/9/2013 $15.00
Zynga 5/9/2013 $30.00
J. Graham 5/5/2013 $50.00 Julie, I think that this is a very worthwhile cause. I know that we have lost way too many people to this insidious disease. Good luck with your efforts, I believe that you will succeed
C. Roma 5/2/2013 $20.00
Blackbaud 4/26/2013 $1,000.00
Anonymous 4/20/2013 $26.20 I saw you being interviewed at Dodger Stadium before I ran my 2nd LA Marathon and think what you did was amazing.
S. Luboviski 4/15/2013 $50.00 In memory of Marty L!
A. Matta 4/11/2013 $100.00
E. Z-Sarmiento 4/9/2013 $30.00
L. Arey 4/8/2013 $100.00
M. White 4/8/2013 $26.20 Happy birthday, Julie! Your boundless spirit, dedication & energy inspire & show what it truly means to live & love! Thank you!!!
L. Olson 4/6/2013 $100.00 You followed in your father's footsteps. You did it big!
L. LaRocco 4/3/2013 $20.00 I read your story on Women You Should Know and was so inspired. I wish you all the best!
T. McGrath 4/2/2013 $52.40 Julie, Keep the good will flowing to finding a cure for Pancreatic Cancer!
Tim "the background runner" McGrath
K. Hansen 3/30/2013 $52.00 In memory of Jean Farley, a teacher who helped me find my voice, and Dave Murphy, who was taken from our family too soon.
G. Thompson 3/29/2013 $300.00 Thank you
E. Girdwood 3/26/2013 $262.00 What an inspiration you are! So grateful for your efforts. We lost our sister-in-law, Becky Girdwood to pancreatic cancer. Keep up the fight to find a cure!!
Anonymous 3/23/2013 $100.00 You are a real inspiration!!! This donation is for my dad wno also passed in 2010 from prostate cancer. I miss him!
G. Micon 3/23/2013 $36.00 From Nancy Beezy Micon in memory of Ralph Maxwell Johnson
G. Kahn 3/23/2013 $131.00 Julie, I worked with Maurice at JWD Financial from 1985 - 1987. I loved your Dad, and had totally lost touch with him and your family. All the best, and I am glad to have found you again
N. Perreault 3/23/2013 $262.00 In loving memory of my husband Brian, who lost his battle with Pancreatic cancer at the early age of 43. Thank you for your work to fund research into this terrible disease
J. Gunderson 3/23/2013 $100.00 In memory of my husband of 30 years, Donn R. Gunderson. He died in 2005 at age 57, 7 weeks after diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.
D. Wild 3/23/2013 $131.00 In hope and faith to irradicate for any who may encounter.
D. Wolpe 3/22/2013 $500.00
J. Harris 3/22/2013 $26.00 I have been following you since before you began. You are an inspiration, and I am happy David has your back.
H. Sims 3/21/2013 $50.00
J. Fratamico 3/20/2013 $131.00 This is in support of Tom Wood and his amazing family!
D. Ranck 3/20/2013 $26.20 Julie - YOU GOT THIS! Keep smiling, keep running and keep being the best person you are!!
R. Hubbard 3/20/2013 $26.00 inspiration to all
J. Peckenpaugh 3/20/2013 $50.00 In honor of Julie Weiss and my Dad Jon, who fought a great fight against PC.
J. DeVuono 3/20/2013 $200.00 In honor of my dad who was recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Keep fighting, Dad! I love you!!!!!!
Anonymous 3/20/2013 $131.00
F. Sawicki 3/19/2013 $20.00 Keep on running for a great cause.
T. Reese 3/19/2013 $131.00
J. Mabbutt 3/19/2013 $152.52 "Supporting the Fighters, Admiring the Survivors, Honoring the Taken
And never, ever giving up Hope."
H. Morris 3/19/2013 $100.00 Happy Birthday to Heidi Swanson - In memory of Doug & Jeff Brand who passed from Pancreatic Cancer.
J. Harris 3/19/2013 $131.00 Thank you for doing what you're doing, Julie. This donation is to honor my mother, Susan Harris, who has pancreatic cancer but is putting up a marathon of a fight!
G. Oppenheim 3/19/2013 $10.00 In honor of Julie Weiss and in memory of Lydia Borner
Anonymous 3/18/2013 $20.00
L. Cordera 3/18/2013 $26.20
R. Newton 3/18/2013 $136.24 What an amazing feat and what an inspiration you are! YOU GOT THIS!
E. Brandenburg-Leffler 3/18/2013 $50.00
B. Katz 3/18/2013 $131.00 I also lost my dad to Pancreatic Cancer. We raise money for TGen every November. Check out our fb page TeamFrank StepNOut for Pancreatic Cancer. Congratulations on your amazing achievement. Beth Katz
A. Umstead 3/18/2013 $25.00
D. Weagle 3/18/2013 $10.00 In honor of Julie and Maurice, and for every family who has faced the scare of pancreatic cancer.
S. Chlapecka 3/18/2013 $52.00 After only a 3 week struggle, my dad lost his battle with pancreatic cancer this January. Julie is an inspiration to me as a fellow runner & daughter!
T. Horning 3/18/2013 $131.00 in honor of our friend Rick Bianchi, who we lost to pancreatic cancer this February at the age of 46. So very loved and missed.
M. Dvergsten 3/18/2013 $10.00 You are an inspiration. My daughter lost her gpa to pancreatic cancer as well. This is an amazing thing you are doing.
J. Irwin 3/18/2013 $14.00 In honor of Tim Corl, who survived pancreatic cancer.
H. Abrams 3/18/2013 $131.00
D. Pinar 3/18/2013 $50.00 In memory of my Loving Father Arthur Taverne who died Dec 2011 after just 3/4 weeks of being diagnosed. Proud of your accomplishment for your Dad
K. Bollom 3/18/2013 $262.00 In memory of Judith Bollom & the other mothers that passed way too soon! 52 marathons, Wow, so cool!
Anonymous 3/18/2013 $50.00 Absolutely love what you're doing!!Amazing - Keep it up.
H. Juceam 3/18/2013 $25.00
B. Barnett 3/18/2013 $20.00
E. Johnson 3/18/2013 $52.00 Amazing accomplishment!!
Well done
J. Warner 3/18/2013 $26.00
J. Carboni 3/17/2013 $52.00
E. Balsiger 3/17/2013 $50.00 I heard your story on the news and think you are amazing to do this for 52 weeks, also having a job and kids. You are special, bless you
J. Varvel 3/17/2013 $52.00 I have been following your journey on FB. You are an inspiration! Keep running and raising the much needed $$ for cancer research (I will be training for my 3rd season this fall for Team in Training for LLS).
B. Dahl 3/17/2013 $52.00 in loving memory of our friend Bill Dunbar
Y. Anaya 3/17/2013 $552.52 You GOT THIS! Hopefully, we can run LA in the future :)
Anonymous 3/17/2013 $25.00
S. Utzinger 3/17/2013 $20.00
Anonymous 3/17/2013 $131.00
M. McFaull 3/17/2013 $71.00 On behalf of my husband, Peter who would have been 71 this year. I lost him when he was 61. His mother will be 100 this year...he's the only member of his family who died young from pancreatic cancer. I miss him and hope for a cure. Thank you!
S. Gerbounka 3/17/2013 $52.00 Congrats on your 52 in 52 my beautiful friend! You are an inspiration. Here's to many new journeys and the fight against pancan. LOVE YOU!
J. Weiss 3/17/2013 $52.00 Congratulations Julie for completing 52 in 52. xoxo Aunty Jayne
K. Mundt 3/17/2013 $25.00 In honor of my dear dad, Arley, who I lost to pancreatic cancer at age 57.
A. Boorman 3/17/2013 $150.00 Congratulations on completing your 52nd marathon
M. Wallen 3/16/2013 $25.00 Truly inspiring "feet"!
R. Sandoval 3/16/2013 $52.00
J. Lieberman 3/16/2013 $100.00 I'm making this donation on behalf of Jeffrey Horn's Father who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer.
TCW Electric 3/16/2013 $52.00 Julie your an Angel to us all
S. Orens 3/16/2013 $26.20
T. Gravelyn 3/16/2013 $100.00
S. Treuer 3/16/2013 $131.00 Good luck tomorrow!
M. Smith 3/16/2013 $26.20 this is dedicated to George, Uncle Tommy and Uncle Buggz
M. Kayton 3/16/2013 $36.00
L. Held 3/16/2013 $50.00
Anonymous 3/16/2013 $50.00
S. Anderson 3/16/2013 $52.00 $52 for your 52 races! You are an inspiration!
P. Weise 3/16/2013 $52.00 In honor of Julie's dad Maurice and also in honor of my dear
wife Elaine, who passed away from pancreatic cancer 6 years ago!!

M. Weiss 3/16/2013 $20.00 YOU ARE AMAZING!! YOU GO!!!!
W. Keller 3/16/2013 $50.00 Read about Ms Weiss.
S. Goldsztajn-Schreiber 3/16/2013 $131.00 In memory of my beloved father, Alberto Soler.
Sasha Carrion Hypnosis 3/16/2013 $100.00
Anonymous 3/16/2013 $52.00 Best wishes
A. Dodell 3/16/2013 $52.00 I learned about your story and efforts in the latest Competitor magazine; freakin great job! Since I just run Half Marathons every few months, I am very amazed with what you have accomplished. Best of luck on Sunday!
J. Raskin 3/16/2013 $25.00 Good Luck!
J. Jacquet-Murray 3/16/2013 $50.00 In Memory of my Dad Jacques who passed away from pancreatic cancer. Thank you Julie for raising awareness and very needed funds!
B. Wunderman 3/16/2013 $54.00 the spirit of chai x 3.
S. Ross 3/16/2013 $50.00 In memory of my uncle, Don Vader. Thank you.
G. Long 3/16/2013 $50.00
B. Collum 3/16/2013 $152.26 I am so proud of you and all that you have done to help PanCan Action Network. #FuckCancer You are beautifully AWESOME!
K. Boucher 3/16/2013 $25.00 In Memory of my mom, Marie Boucher. (Any mile dedicated would be great.) Good luck tomorrow! You are inspiring to a lot of people. Thank you for what you are doing! Girl, YOU GOT THIS! :)
A. Ripley 3/16/2013 $25.00 In memory of your father Maurice Weiss and my mother Ta'itai F. Ripley was died of pancreatic cancer January 2000. When I heard your story I had to make a donation. I also ordered a calendar. Good luck in the morning and Godspeed. Thank you again!!
T. Fyock 3/16/2013 $52.00 In honor of Diane Fyock @ It's a Fyock Fight
B. Quijano Jr 3/16/2013 $152.52 Julie - I know your father is looking down on his beautiful & loving daughter with a BIG smile! YOU HAVE MADE HIM SOOO VERY PROUD WITH THIS ACCOMPLISHMENT, as if he wasn't ALREADY forever proud! KEEP DREAMING & KEEP REACHING! YOU GOT THIS! ;D Q
S. Aberle 3/16/2013 $52.00 Congratulations as you run #52! You are such an inspiration Julie
M. Neumann 3/16/2013 $100.00 52 Marathons on behalf of your father Maurice...i am sure he is really proud of you and will smile when he sees you approaching the finish line in L.A.!! Good luck!
A. Perez 3/15/2013 $10.00 very admirable, when i read in the paper all I could think was WOW!
J. Kozicki 3/15/2013 $520.00 you got this :)
T. Van Delden 3/15/2013 $262.00 Congratulations on an amazing and inspirational year!
M. Byrnes 3/15/2013 $131.00 We got this. You go Julie!
Anonymous 3/15/2013 $52.00 I wish I could do more...
Velocity Sports Performance 3/15/2013 $100.00 Julie - you inspired us. My mom passed of pancreatic cancer - our family is very thankful for your efforts!
J. Barker 3/15/2013 $25.00 God Bless!
M. Silva 3/15/2013 $10.00 This is in memory of my father, Bill Bower, who passed away at the age of 56 in 2003. God Bless you, Julie!
D. Singer 3/15/2013 $18.00 Impressed and thankful for your dedication towards providing awareness of Pancreatic cancer. Lost my grandmother in 2008 - you are an inspiration!
Anonymous 3/15/2013 $25.00 Keep inspiring us all!
M. Rouse 3/15/2013 $32.00 You are such an inspiration. My father passed away when I was young from cancer and I now too fun marathons to raise funds for research... nothing like you. GO GIRL! I am also buying a calendar:). Thank you for what you do!
A. Genest 3/15/2013 $25.00 Julie , this is # 52 for you !! This is the special one !! I had to give something , to honer you and your dad !! Your very special !!! ? Sending my Love !!
B. Plaut 3/15/2013 $26.20 Congratulations Julie on the homestretch. You got this, indeed.
A. Paytas 3/15/2013 $25.00 are awesome! God bless your Dad! Have a great run on Sunday!
H. Swanson 3/14/2013 $262.00 Thanks for spreading awareness Julie! In memory of my dad Doug Brand and his brother Jeff Brand that were taken by this horrible disease less than a year apart.
E. Reily 3/14/2013 $131.00
L. Imada 3/14/2013 $25.00 Go Julie! 52! Yay!
M. Bandell 3/14/2013 $50.00 In honor of my daughter, Julie Price, running the LA marathon.
J. Moye 3/14/2013 $500.00 Julie, it was a pleasure to meet you this week. Thanks for being an inspiration to so many.
T. Shanes-Hernandez 3/14/2013 $50.00 Thank you for creating national awareness for PC and PanCan! Good luck running #52 this weekend! AMAZING! In memory of my wonderful mom, Gigi Shanes-Hernandez, who died almost four years ago on April 9th from pancreatic cancer. KNOW IT! FIGHT IT! END IT!
K. Rawson 3/14/2013 $25.00 Go Julie, you are amazing!
D. Frohlichstein 3/13/2013 $50.00 For friends and families affected by pancreatic cancer.
E. Bechtold 3/13/2013 $25.00 Edmund C. Bechtold, DMD, you are missed. Marathon Goddess ran for you.
J. Chernila 3/13/2013 $180.00 For my dad who is beating pancreatic cancer right now! He just had a Whipple (1/15/13) after being diagnosed about 2 weeks earlier. Going through chemo right now. I'll be running LA as well, hope to see you out there and thanks!
A. Alcantar 3/12/2013 $26.20 No words. Just a big hug.
Fineberg Foundation 3/12/2013 $25,000.00
M. Mackulin 3/11/2013 $25.00 Mile #15; For my sweet fiance' Edward J. Demyan who would have turned 50 this week; March 15, 2013. Missing you every day EJD - this week is especially hard. Thank You for what you do Julie. You are in inspiration to all of us who continue the fight! <3
M. Gotts 3/11/2013 $50.00 I would love it if you could have this for mile 17 ( cause that's the age we were when we met!) Your dada was amazing and you made him so proud - along with the rest of us! xoxo Nina
A. Winkler 3/11/2013 $52.00 Please dedicate mile 20 to my father, Rodney Buffington, who also lost his battle to pancreatic cancer after just 20 short weeks! Thank you for all you do to help in the fight! Bless you!
L. Romero 3/11/2013 $100.00 Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2/11/12, after 18 chemo treatments, 12 of which were multiagent, I had the Whipple procedure 1/29/13, (originally being told I had 6 months to a year to live) I BEAT PANCREATIC CANCER! Thank you Julie for all you do! xo
K. Hansen 3/11/2013 $26.20 You got this!
A. Otani 3/11/2013 $52.00 In memory of Florence Sugimoto.
J. Marcus 3/10/2013 $50.00 Julie - we met you at the 5k Fun Run - you are an inspiration and your Dad is so proud of you! Almost there! XOXO
H. Thomas 3/10/2013 $150.00 just watched your interview on ktla news. my father-in-law is a pancreatic survivor, but this awful disease is near to our hearts and we want to support you and your efforts! i hope you reach your goal!
Anonymous 3/10/2013 $15.00 This is SO wonderful.
E. Tautolo 3/10/2013 $100.00 My husband and I just saw your interview on KTLA! What you are doing and more importantly why and in honor of who you are doing it for is INCREDIBLE!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! GREAT LUCK ON 52 OF 52!!
D. Gretz 3/10/2013 $131.00 Go Julie! You are so awesome!
Bless you.

Anonymous 3/10/2013 $200.00 For Paul who was the light of my life and my one true love. What you are doing is truly inspirational. This is a horrible cancer that we must find a cure for. Thank you for what you are doing to try to find a cure. xxoo
K. Degina 3/9/2013 $51.00
B. Anderson 3/9/2013 $51.00 In honor of Eleanor.
A. Bravo 3/9/2013 $25.00 Truly Inspiring
R. Hollawell 3/9/2013 $20.00 Robert Hollawell, Mile 8 (8 Year Survivor) Thanks Julie!
K. Allen 3/8/2013 $52.00 You're an inspiration!
C. Martinez 3/8/2013 $52.00 Mile #9 in memory of Amara's Flame, Nain Gonzalez!
L. Cohen 3/8/2013 $120.00 Thanks Julie for dedicating miles 26 and point two to honor the memory of Melissa Miller and her heroic five year battle with pancreatic cancer.
M. Feinberg 3/8/2013 $111.11 in honor of molli and in memory of my father, david g. hollander. way to go! xo
E. Slotsky 3/8/2013 $51.00 In honor of Molli!
A. Lavandosky 3/8/2013 $51.00 In HONOR OF MOLLI
K. Bradbury 3/8/2013 $52.00 I will take mile 7 of 52. 5+2 = 7 and I will be running Paris on the 7th. You will be my inspiration.
S. Kan-Spellberg 3/8/2013 $102.00 With love and support for Molli and in honor of #51 (x2) xoxo from Bryan, Shelby & Ayelet
C. LeVasser 3/8/2013 $131.00
M. Bruno 3/8/2013 $10.00
N. Levine 3/7/2013 $51.00 In honor of #51 for Molli Serrano! Amazed by both of you!!
C. Cusnir 3/7/2013 $36.00 In honor of Molli #51
E. Celler 3/7/2013 $50.00 In honor of Molli!
J. Hernandez 3/7/2013 $52.00
B. Starr 3/6/2013 $52.00 In honor of Marathon Godess running #51 for Molli Serrano
M. Rubin 3/6/2013 $51.00 #51 in honor of our friend Molli Serrano- RunStrong Marathon Goddess! XOXO
Sonoma Eye 3/6/2013 $500.00 You are the best running buddy! Thanks for spreading the love around. Hugs, Sonja (from NVM)
A. Spellberg 3/6/2013 $10.00 In honor of Molli.
L. Courtney 3/6/2013 $51.00 In honor of mollie Serrano
B. Bradley 3/6/2013 $52.00 Go Julie Go!!!! You got this!!!!
M. Beltran-Miller 3/5/2013 $75.00 God bless you in all that you do so selflessly.
C. Lemaire 3/5/2013 $25.00
M. Beyazit 3/4/2013 $100.00 God bless you and may your father rest in peace..Congrats on an amazing achievement
C. Lee 3/3/2013 $30.00 In honor of John Sam Chee who is battling this awful disease. We love him so much<3?????????
L. Browder 3/2/2013 $50.00 At the NVM. Just heard your encouraging remarks.
J. Stransky 2/28/2013 $50.00
K. Lawrence 2/26/2013 $50.00 This donation is in memory of my mom, Judith Maiman
R. Henderson 2/21/2013 $50.00 52 all the way! Go Julie!
P. Zulian 2/19/2013 $26.20 I've followed your journey since you began. I knew you could do it! Can't wait for the grand finale! You got this! :)
J. Gallenberger 2/18/2013 $30.00 You are in inspiration to many. Can't wait to see you finish #52!
M. Miller 2/17/2013 $10.00 For my own dad, who died of colon cancer in 1988...he never saw me cross the finish line but I did it for him!
A. Boehl 2/17/2013 $20.00 Good luck!!
G. Reiter 2/17/2013 $25.00
M. Jackson 2/16/2013 $10.00
C. Frenkel 2/16/2013 $500.00 You are a woman of valor. Dad's memory lives on through your mitzvah work.
Cantor Chayim Frenkel
C. Johnson 2/15/2013 $25.00 For my Sister Catherine & Steve Hanzlik
J. Evans 2/15/2013 $50.00 Julie is about to run the marathon in Austin, where I live. I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer two years ago this month, so this donation is in his honor and Julie's.
D. Kurtz 2/15/2013 $30.00
A. Wilson 2/13/2013 $50.00 Good work Julie!
M. Wells Patton 2/12/2013 $25.00 Go Julie go! You're amazing.
P. Fudge 2/11/2013 $5.00 Keep up the good work
L. Theall 2/10/2013 $25.00 In memory of my brother, Ron Smith who died at the age of 41 after his 1 year battle with pancreatic cancer. Thank you for your commitment to increasing awareness! May God bless you!
M. Hunt 2/9/2013 $131.00
C. Martinez 2/9/2013 $26.20 In Memory of Nain Gonzalez
M. Moore 2/9/2013 $5.00
J. Weiss 2/9/2013 $65.00 Here's $65. Keep up the great fight Julie! Love, Aunty Jayne
C. Singleton 2/9/2013 $25.00 You are amazing! thank you Julie.
Anonymous 2/9/2013 $5.00
S. Jacobs 2/9/2013 $51.00 This is for the 51 years we were lucky enough to have my Mom before she passed away from pancreatic cancer.
We love you Mom/Grandma!
You got this Julie!!
W. Bennifield 2/9/2013 $10.00 In memory of Patrick Powers
B. Kinsler 2/9/2013 $25.00
S. DeNike-Maugh 2/9/2013 $10.00
T. Cornellison 2/9/2013 $50.00 In memory of my Grandma Gerry who died of pancreatic cancer when I was 16. I still miss her everyday.
M. Kramer 2/9/2013 $26.20 In Memory of Nancy Kramer and Mort Shorris
TLC Mediaworks, Inc. 2/9/2013 $200.00 Thanks to for hosting a fundraiser with Julie.
L. Kruy 2/7/2013 $50.00 In loving memory of my mom who passed away of PC in August of 2010.
N. Grajewski 2/7/2013 $52.00 In loving memory of Dwayne Jones, from his sweethearts. #47 - You got this Julie!
Anonymous 2/6/2013 $26.20
R. Diaz 2/4/2013 $26.20 In loving memory of my good friend, Herman C. Atienza who lost the fight against Pancreatic Cancer (03/2011).
TLC Mediaworks, Inc. 2/2/2013 $120.00
J. Skolnik 2/2/2013 $100.00
T. Melendez 2/2/2013 $40.00
D. Levine 2/2/2013 $40.00
R. Fernandez 1/26/2013 $52.00 Keep going!
H. Goldmann 1/26/2013 $72.00 In memory of Mom
Chase Centers Management, Inc. 1/23/2013 $5,000.00
M. Knapp 1/20/2013 $131.00 Thank you more than you know for bringing attention to this killer! Running #44 for keith and Donna shows such a beautiful heart. Love, Michele knapp
J. Cobb 1/20/2013 $26.20 I appreciate your efforts and support you. Well done.
Anonymous 1/19/2013 $26.20 I am so proud of you Julie and cannot wait to see you finish in LA, but until then keep running like a G6!
B. Meyer 1/18/2013 $52.00 You go girl!
M. Jones 1/15/2013 $131.00 Donation made on my Dad's 67 Birthday! Miss you so much! In honor of Keith Knapp.
M. Oberg 1/12/2013 $10.00
J. Jurkiewicz 1/9/2013 $52.00 In honor of Noel Irvine, thank you for dedicating a run to him and his legacy!
K. Irvine 1/8/2013 $50.00 In memory of my darling husband Noel x
Anonymous 1/8/2013 $60.00 You rock!
A. Belaire 1/5/2013 $10.00 In memory of Vic Potvin.
K. McElroy 1/2/2013 $52.00 For Nana, currently struggling with this horrible disease, and for a world without it.
S. Champion 12/31/2012 $52.40 Keep going, Julie!
R. Cull 12/31/2012 $250.00
R. Luna 12/31/2012 $100.00 Julie, Thank you for bringing awareness! You are awesome and a true hero in the fight. Sending big hugs ~ Vic & Roberta Luna
Sugar Creek Foods International, Inc 12/31/2012 $1,000.00
A. Bertolini 12/30/2012 $26.20 Thank you for raising money for this great cause. I hope we will find a cure for this horrible cancer that took yours and my father.
J. Robertson 12/24/2012 $262.00
K. Sullivan 12/23/2012 $500.00 Keep up the great work! From Marcia & Kevin Sullivan, LARR group 6.
Fineberg Foundation 12/21/2012 $25,000.00
L. Cohen 12/12/2012 $52.00
T. Hollenberg 12/11/2012 $262.00
J. Siqueiros 12/10/2012 $25.00
K. Bradbury 12/9/2012 $262.00 In memory of my Uncle Steve whos life was taken to soon from PC.
J. Rome 12/5/2012 $100.00 In memory of Dr. Kiva Skolnick, my dentist since I was born and my friend just as long.
S. Burton 12/3/2012 $50.00 Julie Thank you for running for my Doug Gurley my dad. Dad lived with PC for 3 years and fought very hard. Dad was looking down on you and saying Thank You so much. I wish I could give more.
L. Haggerty 11/26/2012 $100.00 In loving memory of my mother Lora Gudbranson, who fought and lost her battle with PC
Bhakti, Inc. DBA Tri This Coaching 11/21/2012 $100.00
J. Neel 11/20/2012 $25.00 Saw your story on local TV. What a great accomplishment and cause!
C. Lowenstein 11/20/2012 $131.00 In honor of my Dad, Yitzchak ben Chaim Zelig, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2004
IVC Productions 11/18/2012 $300.00 Sat next to you on the flight from LA to Houston...very inspiring...keep it going!
C. Franco 11/18/2012 $25.00
S. Small 11/16/2012 $262.00
A. McGinnis 11/13/2012 $25.00 Thanks for inspiring!
Anonymous 11/13/2012 $10.00 Wonderful what you are doing. Saw you on Kuaui Marathon show
H. Cheong 11/11/2012 $131.00
M. Rogers 11/10/2012 $25.00 Way to go Julie! Your dad would be so proud!
D. Griffis 11/9/2012 $26.20 You inspire me every day. You've got this!
N. Daili 11/8/2012 $60.00
D. Christensen 10/28/2012 $26.20 In loving memory of my son, Dane.
H. Amaral 10/26/2012 $131.00 You go Julie!! An amazing effort for a wonderful cause by a beautiful lady!
M. Slattery 10/2/2012 $50.00
M. Slavin 10/1/2012 $262.00 You are an inspiration and we are very proud of you... keep up the great work..
V. Thunstrom 9/30/2012 $26.20 In memory of my husband Jerry. <3
D. Nathan 9/29/2012 $26.20 Donation made in honor of my dad Reo, a long-distance runner who died suddenly of pancreatic cancer at age 59. Let's find a better diagnostic test and a cure for this disease...keep it up, Marathon Goddess!!!! :)
J. Loughman 9/28/2012 $52.00
R. Dickison 8/28/2012 $25.00
Anonymous 8/28/2012 $26.20 You got this!! You are a true inspiration!
S. Johnson 8/21/2012 $52.00 It was great to meet you at the Kona Marathon pasta dinner. Hope to see you in Santa Rosa. Keep going, you inspire me and you got this!
J. Kim 8/18/2012 $52.00 You really GOT this, Julie! Love being able to race with you :)
S. Fensler 8/17/2012 $20.00
M. Powers 8/17/2012 $5.00 Here is my 5 dollars..
H. Herbert 8/17/2012 $52.00
A. Murray 8/17/2012 $4.00
G. Podolec 8/17/2012 $131.00
Anonymous 8/14/2012 $20.00 Keep up the awesome work you are doing!! Your one of my heros :)
J. Carboni 8/13/2012 $50.00 I lost my father to this 53 years ago when I was 5 years old. He is still with me in my heart. Thanks for your efforts.
J. Weiss 8/12/2012 $50.00 In honor of LJF's birthday 8/3/12. Thank you Julie for all you are doing to fight this dreaded disease. Love you, Aunty Jayne
Anonymous 8/11/2012 $26.20 Thank you for raising awareness! In memory of my dad and uncle.
M. Powers 8/11/2012 $262.00 From my family to your family...
K. McConnell 8/5/2012 $10.52 Best of prayers on your goal...I am 23 years cancer free, I raised 5,150 for team in training when I turned 50 and was 20 years cancer free..I see your running NY marathon and Miami so am I
J. Weiss 8/2/2012 $60.00 From the Yoga Benefit Class
L. Test 7/28/2012 $25.00
L. Martin 7/26/2012 $50.00 Julie ~ Thank you for all you are doing w/ this charity and keep up the good fight!
C. Thom 7/26/2012 $262.00 This is an amazing thing you're doing, and for a good cause. Keep on running, girl!!
Y. Powell 7/24/2012 $131.00 I wish my Dad could see me run, too. I'm inspired by what you've accomplished already, and I'm cheering you on 1 race at a time. Good luck, and I am honored to be running the Marine Corp Marathon with you this year. Good luck!
M. Levine 7/23/2012 $26.20
A. Genest 7/23/2012 $25.00 Julie ,I honor in your support of Pancreatic Cancer , and in honor of you Dad !! And It a honor for me to help you in your support for the cause !!Julie you are a very special fan of mind !!! And proud of you !!
C. Baumann 7/19/2012 $25.00
R. Posey 7/14/2012 $50.00
K. Recknor 7/10/2012 $26.20 You inspired when we met at The Kona Marathon. I'm the guy who started running when my sister died. Your speech brought me to tears. Thanks for all you're doing.
A. Stewart 7/7/2012 $26.20 It was a pleasure meeting you at the Kona Marathon. You are truly an inspiration!
Anonymous 7/6/2012 $50.00
A. Rodriguez 7/6/2012 $26.20 From a fellow runner :) You are truly an inspiration. You got this!
D. Brown 7/5/2012 $50.00
J. Riesen 7/3/2012 $52.00 Good Luck - Stay Healthy
Keep Smiling!
S. Melendez 7/3/2012 $60.00
E. Alvarado 7/3/2012 $20.00
J. Weiss 7/1/2012 $494.00 From the Amazing Julie's Team 52! $70 more in checks coming. Go Julie Go!!!
Anonymous 6/29/2012 $26.20 I had a pleasure meeting you both in the Kona Marathon and hope your dedication and determination will follow. Greatly appreciated, Patrick W.
M. Tanaka 6/29/2012 $26.00 You're an inspiration Julie! In honor my mom who is my inspiration...Happy Birthday! :)
V. Stewart 6/29/2012 $20.00 You ran Grandma's Marathon on my birthday. My grandma is someone I miss and think of often. Julie, you are an inspiration. Run Julie Run!! Woohoo!!
J. Weiss 6/28/2012 $77.00 From all the awesome people at the Kona Marathon. Love youxoxox
M. Holdorf 6/26/2012 $25.00
B. Gradsky 6/25/2012 $52.00
D. Urban 6/25/2012 $25.00 From a fellow competitive runner, Congrats on your accomplishments & thank you for your dedication to addressing this fatal disease. In memoriam of my grandfather Francis P. Urban who lost his fight with Pancreatic Cancer over 15 years ago, Thank you.
E. Johnson 6/25/2012 $25.00
G. Melanson 6/25/2012 $25.00
Anonymous 6/25/2012 $20.00
A. Halpenny 6/25/2012 $50.00
L. Jorandby-Quinones 6/25/2012 $25.00
J. Korneitchouk 6/25/2012 $25.00 In memory of my amazing mother who lost her life to pancreatic cancer on 7/31/10.
B. Allen 6/24/2012 $50.00 In loving memory of my brother, Joesph. I miss you every day!
M. Zodda 6/24/2012 $50.00
K. ALLEN 6/24/2012 $25.00 In memory of my mom who also lost her fight with this disease!
S. Herrmann 6/20/2012 $100.00 Good luck!
S. Lindsay 6/20/2012 $20.00 In memory of my father Ron Bowker who gave pancreatic cancer a fight but lost his battle 10/7/11. GO JULIE!! What an inspiration :)
G. Bowker 6/20/2012 $50.00 Thank you, Julie for dedicating the October 7, 2012 race to my husband, Ron Bowker, who was a wonderful man and will always be the "love of my life".
S. Nettles 6/19/2012 $25.00 I saw an article about you and was inspired by your strength and spirit. Congratulations on all that you have and have yet to accomplished!!!
Anonymous 6/19/2012 $25.00 To honor my Dad's current fight. Thank you for doing this.
L. Fowlds 6/19/2012 $262.00 In memory of my husband, Bob, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in March. 1953-2012.
P. Rosenberg 6/19/2012 $25.00 Julie, As a past runner who still has dreams literally of jogging, YOU GO GIRL! Glad MSNBC featured you.
G. Martinez 6/19/2012 $100.00
J. Poteet 6/19/2012 $150.00 I lost my mom and dad to pancreatic cancer. Thank you for your incredible dedication and good luck!
Anonymous 6/19/2012 $25.00
Anonymous 6/19/2012 $25.00 Thanks for doing this. We're about to visit Mt. Whitney for my brother's last visit. His first summit was when he was 5 years old, 1962.
S. Mortimer 6/19/2012 $131.00 Go Julie Go!!!! I am currently fighting my battle with pancreatic cancer. Thank you for doing this for us! God bless and keep you.
J. Geiss 6/19/2012 $25.00 Good luck lady! I'll see in March!
J. Price 6/17/2012 $100.00 In memory of John Price. 2/22/59-3/28/12. Missing him today on Father's Day. Go,Julie!
G. Van Horn 6/17/2012 $50.00 In memory of my Dad and are an inspiration, Julie..running for all of us!!
S. Reed 6/16/2012 $25.00
Superior Swedish Clogs 6/16/2012 $262.00
J & J Ventures 6/14/2012 $100.00
S. Sipsas 6/13/2012 $25.00 In loving memory of my father, Spyros Sipsas. He fought to live with all he had..all the way to the end..with faith, hope, love and patience. 4/24/1941-3/22/2012. Thank you, Julie, for running the Leadville Trail Marathon (Colorado-6/30/12) in his honor!
E. Trask 6/12/2012 $26.20 GO JULIE!! It was awesome meeting you at Lake Placid. You are a beautiful person on the inside and out. Thank you for being an inspiration to so many of us and providing us all a contagious smile and positive spirit!! You've got this!!! XOXO
C. Blimberg 6/11/2012 $25.00 A friend lost her 11 year old boy today to P. Cancer. Strength and love surround and support you in this wonderful journey to make a difference!!
D. Franklin 6/11/2012 $100.00 Many good wishes!
J. Clarke 6/11/2012 $50.00 in Memory of Adam Zauder
G. Davidson 6/7/2012 $30.00
B. Varmo 6/4/2012 $100.00 This donation is made in memory of Larry Varmo.
D. Ishida 6/4/2012 $52.00 I hope to see you at another marathon soon!
K. Young 5/31/2012 $250.00
M. Manus 5/31/2012 $50.00
A. Gallardo 5/31/2012 $20.00
Sonostics, Inc 5/30/2012 $50.00
Anonymous 5/30/2012 $26.20 Go, Julie, go!
D. Sheehy 5/30/2012 $100.00 Quite a challenge you've made for yourself Julie!
E. Robles 5/23/2012 $25.00
Thao Ngo , DDS, Inc. 5/23/2012 $20.00
J. Meza 5/23/2012 $20.00
Sally Jo Eisele Breech Trust 5/23/2012 $25.00
S. Melendez 5/23/2012 $40.00
L. Franco 5/23/2012 $20.00
V. Chan 5/23/2012 $20.00
A. Accounting Only 9/1/2011 5/23/2012 $830.00
Juan's Restaurante Inc. 5/23/2012 $63.77
Marriage, Family & Child Counseling Corp. 5/21/2012 $50.00
S. Anderson 5/20/2012 $25.00
C. Baker 5/18/2012 $25.00
Chase Centers Management, Inc. 5/15/2012 $5,000.00
J. Weiss 5/12/2012 $52.00 In loving memory of my friend Dotti who lost her battle with pc in March.
A. Kukurudz 5/9/2012 $180.00 Good luck Julie!
N. Pratico 5/8/2012 $50.00
G. Crocker 5/8/2012 $100.00 Love from Gail and Richard
Westmount Asset Management 5/7/2012 $500.00
A. Kennedy 5/7/2012 $26.20
K. Gutmann 5/6/2012 $26.20 way to go Julie!
J. Carr 5/6/2012 $20.00
D. Miller 5/5/2012 $25.00 You have taken on such a worthy cause, Julie.
T. Melendez 5/5/2012 $52.00 for all that have been touched by cancer...Maurice...
S. Harrow 5/4/2012 $26.20
E. Pelcyger 5/3/2012 $50.00
P. Limon 5/3/2012 $50.00 Julie, keep on going. Our thoughts are with you every weekend. Patsy
D. Garber Townsend 5/2/2012 $50.00
J. Stransky 5/2/2012 $25.00 Yea, Julie! I take off my hat to you for doing so much for a good cause!
J. Carl 5/2/2012 $36.00 I wish I could add lots of zeros to my donation; but love and hope that this will add to finding a cure.
J. Weiss 5/1/2012 $25.00 From the awesome friends I met at the Ventana Inn! Thank you!
A. Lew 4/27/2012 $262.00
Anonymous 4/20/2012 $75.00 In memory of my dad
R. Biggs 4/20/2012 $25.00 Best wishes!
J. Shamash 4/20/2012 $25.00 In memory of Maurice and all the time I spent with your family as a teenager!
Anonymous 4/18/2012 $100.00
D. Verrelli 4/17/2012 $26.20 Thank you for helping me with Boston!!
M. Feller 4/16/2012 $52.00 In Loving Memory of My Dad, GO JULIE GO!! You got this!
C. Singleton 4/15/2012 $100.00 in memory of my mom Carolyn Manning 1939-2005
J. LoConte 4/12/2012 $26.00 Good luck on the first of 52 Julie!
C. Lugo 4/12/2012 $26.20 I will be rooting for you. I know you can do this! Best, Always Carol
C. McArthur 4/11/2012 $52.00 In memory of Charles Lee. Go for it ROCK!
A. Scholl 4/8/2012 $35.00 FOR "MO"
M. Gilman 4/6/2012 $100.00 Good luck with your incredible campaign Julie! See you in Boston! :)
A. Belanoff 4/3/2012 $52.00
R. Boschan 4/2/2012 $100.00 We are so proud of you, Julie!
J. Weiss 3/30/2012 $262.00 I GOT THIS :))))!!!!!!
B. Cover 3/22/2012 $26.20 My father also passed away from this terrible disease. You are an inspiration to all of us. KEEP HOPE ALIVE.
S. Donahue 3/22/2012 $30.00 Julie, you are such an inspiration! I am so excited to follow your progress throughout the year, Love!
M. Manguno 3/20/2012 $400.00
S. Hauser 3/20/2012 $50.00 Go Julie! I believe in you and your cause!
C. Meneses 3/13/2012 $26.20 Best PL ever!!! Thank you Julie for all your support and happy positive energy! :)
D. Cappelli 3/7/2012 $52.00 For my uncle Amo Cappelli, my friend Mel's mother Jane Powell and Steve Jobs. I wish it could be more.
E. Chait 3/5/2012 $100.00 runners unite!
R. Killin 3/1/2012 $26.20 Julie, YOU GOT THIS!
F. Bouchet 2/29/2012 $100.00
A. Dahl 2/29/2012 $20.00 Thanks for the positive attitude! Run Julie Run!
S. Spaniolo 2/29/2012 $52.00 Way to go Julie! You are such an encouragement to everyone!
S. Crosby 2/28/2012 $100.00 We are with you every step of the way!!! Your Daddy is so very proud of you!
Love, Stephanie & Hunter
H. Larson Howell 2/28/2012 $131.00 Run, Julie, Run! You've got this :)
J. Goldbloom 2/28/2012 $52.00 Julie the Goldblooms know you got this! Good luck!
J. Price 2/28/2012 $52.00 In the words of, well, you, YOU GOT THIS! Thank you for continuing to encourage and inspire everybody around you!
S. Ohrt 2/27/2012 $26.20 Awesome job Julie!
R. Gardner 2/27/2012 $52.00 A buck a marathon...what a bargain. :-D Go Jules!
J. Greines 2/27/2012 $52.00
J. Matias 2/27/2012 $50.00
L. Shelton 2/25/2012 $52.00 $1 for every marathon! I'm amazed at your dedication!
J. Weiss 2/10/2012 $100.00 Dad is cheering you on! Thank you for doing this. xoxo Aunty Jayne
P. Modirshahla 2/7/2012 $15.00
A. Alcantar 2/1/2012 $26.20 Go, Julie! Go!
C. Ayala-Alcantar 2/1/2012 $5.20 Yay, Julie
J. Weintraub 1/16/2012 $100.00
M. Minichiello 1/13/2012 $100.00
Anonymous 1/13/2012 $20,000.00
J. Glantz 12/15/2011 $100.00
G. Warner 12/12/2011 $100.00
Chase Centers Management, Inc. 12/12/2011 $5,000.00
Fineberg Foundation 12/6/2011 $15,000.00
Anonymous 12/1/2011 $50,000.00
Total: $232,011.53

All donations will go directly to fund the mission
of the
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network,
a 501(c)(3) tax ID# 33-0841281

All donations will go directly to fund the mission
of the
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network,
a 501(c)(3) tax ID# 33-0841281